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Houston Summer  are hot and humid, with afternoon thunderstorms.Houston summer  average  temperature is 94 °F . Tropical cyclones can move during the summer months and bringing heavy rainfall. Houston Autumn is fairly mild.Houston Autumn  temperatures averaging temperature is change day and night. Floods came  throughout October and November .Tropical cyclones move into the area through the region during the fall can bring heavy, flooding rains.Houston Winters are mild and fairly temperate. Houston Winter is average high in January, the coldest month.Throughout December, strong southward-moving cold fronts, called "blue northern," batter the city with cold rain, low wind chills, freezing rain. Early January is the coldest time of the year, with temperatures moderating by February. Houston Spring comes with a very mild warm up from winter, lasting from March 20 through May.Houston Spring  temperatures stay fairly low, not usually warming up. Houston  Spring is the return of many animals, like butterflies and mosquitoes to return to Houston warm climate. Spring slowly finish the colder winter temperatures, freezing weather  still occur on some nights in late March. Houston temperature is different in every weather.Summer in Houston is humid and hot. Summer in Houston is very high temperature.Winter in Houston is fairly and mild temperature.Winter in Houston is average high.  Rain in Houston are very common in every season.Rain in Houston is full of thunderstorm and heavy.



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